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Learn how to exercise your neck, upper back and or lower back for your pain. The spine pain exercises have helped many sufferers. Once on the site, you can click the spine image like below for the location of your purported spine pain. Then up will come the correlated spine video for the area you are experiencing sensations. See the free initial videos at Additional spine manipulation videos $30/mo.

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Better understand your lower spine. Reduce fear of pain, paralysis and disability The spinal exercises may let you heal and also avoid back pain surgery as well. Studies show spinal surgery may not necessarily offer the help you expect. Do you need to pay spinal surgeons if Dr. O’Connor offers you alternative therapies? Ask Dr O’Connor what is best for your spine’s health and other medical issues you may have in the same doctor’s visit. What appears to be say lower back pain might be another symptom that a back pain specialist with an M.D. license can evaluate. Chiropractors might be more restricted. Spinal videos and publications may or may not be right for you, especially if you lack needed information – so please follow the directions from a quality licensed back pain doctor you select directions very carefully.



Why Many Have Studied Spine Exercises:
The interesting methods for exercising your spine the proper way can have many benefits. Study the spine pain manipulation exercises with proper directions using the O’Connor Technique ™. The spine movement videos help.

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