Office Often Under 1 Hr From Sacramento Or San Francisco

Vacaville Back Pain Doctor
Often Under An Hour From Downtown Sacramento Or San Francisco

The office is between San Francisco and Sacramento. Discover the spinal techniques online or visit the doctor in person.

The Vacaville back pain specialist teaches you how to manipulate your own spine to self heal. The doctor’s pine movement method uses an innovative series of specific movements and exercises to immediately relieve much of your back pain.

Fast Driving Times Via Highway I-80: One can often drive to the specialized back pain doctor’s office in under an hour from downtown Sacramento and San Francisco during non-rush hour. The back pain service office is closer to Sacramento than San Francisco. People have made it from the San Francisco Bay bridge in under an hour during good traffic. With highway I-80 one might get to the Vacaville office faster than it takes to get from one side to the other of a big town during bad traffic.

Through the aid of the doctor’s online well-illustrated book and instructional spine videos, back pain patients have the opportunity to learn how to understand the mechanics of the spinal disc and how to get fast relief.

Also read the O’Connor Technique ™ book for a better understanding about your back pain. The first 3 chapters of “Making Your Bad Back Better” are free online.

Doctor William T O’Connor
300 Mason St, Vacaville, California 95688
Call 707-446-0422 (Naturally travel times during non rush hour differ based on traffic)
Contact Online: